About us

Kinderwelt Kuessnacht offers bilingual (German / English) education and care to children from six months of age. Their care and education are individually adapted to best suit their present stage of development. Before an After School care is available for older children.

Children are discerning and curious learners. The Kinderwelt Kuessnacht nurtures them in their development of basic skills and competencies with playful learning, and supports them in the development of knowledge and learning strategies, as well as in acquiring of social skills.

With qualitative, valuable all-day care, each child receives the opportunity to develop his/her unique and various talents at a pace that is natural and comfortable to each. We strive to recognize the individual competencies of each child in order to support them in the best possible way. The age of the child is not a determining factor, for example, when he/she should first attempt numbers or letters, but is determined by his/her own stage of readiness.

In an inspiring and child-orientated environment, kids are tenderly supervised by the kindergarten teachers and care staff. Because the Kinderwelt Kuessnacht has more teaching staff than in a public school, the class is more individualized and each child will be supported in his/her stage of development (for example, during daily small group or teacher-led activities).
Playing and learning are activities which are not distinguished separately by children. They learn during playing; they play during learning. The Kinderwelt Kuessnacht is perceived as a living, learning and playing place.



Our effort is it to provide a suitable learning environment for children, which allows them to the world and will follow their natural drive of knowledge and movement.

It is our goal to offer optimal individual solutions to parents endeavouring to combine profession, family life and leisure time with the best possible childcare service.

Kinderwelt Küssnacht is located in the town centre of Küssnacht am Rigi.