Kinderwelt Kuessnacht allows for the fact that foreign languages are never learned as easily, as naturally, and as well as in the early childhood. That's why at Kinderwelt Kuessnacht the children, from the Midi group upwards, are already taught  through team-teaching.

Research results have shown that bilingualism supports elastic and creative thinking, and that it has a positive influence over the cognitive, emotional and creative spheres. Moreover, bilingualism strongly contributes to a generally better awareness of language, from which the mother tongue also profits.

Children learn a language, its melody and its pronunciation, as unrestrained and as naturally as, for example, running or jumping.

At the public primary school, early English is taught; there are also different English and International Schools in the region. In this way, it is ensured that children will be able to improve and to refine their developing proficiency in English well beyond their stay in our kindergarten.