Owner and Administrative Director   Owner and Administrative Director
Silja Isenschmid Stöckli   Bettina Schmidt-Nasahl
Skilled Childcare Provider   English Educator
Sabrina Ciurlia   Lynda Gander-Hepburn
Skilled Childcare Provider   Trainee
Renata Mataj   Jessica Carminitana
Kinderwelt Cook
Selina Mokadmi   Alicia Celik
Intern    Intern
Angie Ryter    Anja Hunziker


Silja Isenschmid Stoeckli

The native-born kindergarten teacher from Kuessnacht received her teaching diploma after four years of full-time training at “Theresianum Ingenbohl.” Following several years of teaching at public schools, she dedicated herself to bilingual education. Among other experiences, she taught at the “Humboldt Day School” in Costa Rica. In addition to her educational work, she acquired the Trade and Personnel Assistant Diploma and completed her commercial-business training by qualifying as a certified management professional. Her professional background and experience in both educational and commercial sectors provide an optimal foundation for her central position at Kinderwelt Kuessnacht. In her free time, she enjoys rowing on Lake Lucerne and being outdoors with her family.

Bettina Schmidt-Nasahl

For four years Bettina Schmidt-Nasahl attended the “Kindergaertnerinnen-Seminar” in St. Gallen, and received her teaching diploma in 2000. The next five-and-a-half years she worked in a public kindergarten in Buchs/SG. With this experience, she left her native-born-state in the east part of Switzerland and started to work in a private bilingual school near Zurich. While there, she was in charge of the entire kindergarten department. During her nineteen years of teaching kindergarten, she successfully completed various further education, such as Stimulation of Integrated Languages, German as a Second Language, Balanced Movement, Artistic Work with Children, and general communications courses. In addition to her professional career she enjoys spending time in nature with her family.  

Lynda Gander-Hepburn

Lynda Gander-Hepburn spent her entire childhood in Clydebank, near Glasgow in Scotland. She attended Strathclyde University and graduated with a BSc degree in mathematics. With the birth of her first child she moved to Switzerland, initially living in Zürich and since 1992 in Immensee. For twelve years she worked as a playgroup leader at the Oxford School in Immensee. She has been working at Kinderwelt Küssnacht since summer 2014. She has four grown-up children and enjoys spending her leisure time outdoors.

Sabrina Ciurlia

Sabrina Ciurlia spent her entire childhood in Rotkreuz and attended the local primary and secondary schools. On completion of her compulsory education, Sabrina attended a secretarial college and was awarded the Office Assistant Diploma. Thereafter, she was engaged as a trainee in childcare nurseries in Zurich and Lucerne. In 2013, she commenced her official training as a child carer, and received her Federal Diploma in Childcare in June 2016. Sabrina finds childcare fulfilling and regards creating a respectful and trusting environment as essential, for supporting and encouraging each child in their individual development. Sabrina enjoys the outdoors, travelling, and spending time with her friends.

Renata Mataj

Renata Mataj spent her childhood in Vitznau. Following her Juveso Social Year Internship, she started her apprenticeship as a professional child carer with Kinderwelt Küssnacht. On completion of her training, she remained one year at Kinderwelt Küssnacht gaining further experience as a fully qualified child carer. Thereafter, with the desire to take on new challenges, Renata Mataj was engagaed as a Core Group Leader in Zug. However, the desire to return to Küssnacht grew. In August 2019, we were pleased to welcome Renata Mataj back into the Kinderwelt Team. She is highly motivated and rich in new experience for her position as Group Leader at Kinderwelt Küssnacht. In her free time, she enjoys doing sports and spending time with her friends.


Jessica Carminitana

Jessica Carminitana spent her childhood in Littau/Lucerne, where she attended the local primary and secondary schools. Following secondary school, she completed a one year internship in a restaurant in Küssnacht. Afterwards her grandfather’s health began to fail, motivating Frau Carminitana to travel to Italy to assist in his care during the last six months of his life. On returning to Switzerland, she enrolled at the Juveso School in Lucerne. In August 2017, she commenced her apprenticeship as a professional child carer with Kinderwelt Küssnacht. Her hobbies include reading, singing, baby-sitting and drawing.

Selina Mokadmi

Selina Mokadmi has worked as a child minder at the Woman’s Centre (Frauenzentrale ) in Lucerne, where she followed various courses on childcare. In addition, she is an experienced, certified cook (EBA) and is well suited to take care of Kinderwelt’s catering. Selina Mocadmi is married and has one son. She was born in Teslic and now resides in Vitznau. In her free time, she enjoys travelling and reading.

Alicia Celik

Alicia Celik was born and has spent her childhood in Weggis, moving to Küssnacht three years ago where she attended the local secondary school. On completion of her compulsory education, she enrolled at the Juveso school in Lucerne, participating in their Social Year programme: she attends school on one day per week and is engaged as an internee at Kinderwelt Küssnacht during the remaining four days. She is fascinated by children, and is overjoyed at the prospect of being able to support and accompany them in their development. In her free time she enjoys reading, being outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends.

Angie Ryter

Angie Ryter was born and grew up in the canton of Lucerne. After completion of her apprenticeship in retail, she has travelled widely, exploring the world. In 2013/14 she fulfilled her dream and set off on a world tour. In-between her travels, she has worked in the marketing sector, two years of which in Lausanne. In her hometown Rickenbach she has been active in the local children’s sports groups, as a volleyball trainer, and as a leader in both the girl’s gymnastic group, and the parents and toddlers group. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, sports, spending time with her friends, self-quality time, yoga and reading.


Anja Hunziker

Anja Hunziker lives in Brunnen, where she completed her mandatory Primary and Secondary education. Currently, she is enrolled as a student in the Juveso Social Year Programme. This consists of one day of college per week, and of four days engagement as an internee at Kinderwelt Küssnacht. She finds working with children fascinating, and enjoys assisting them in their development. In her free time she enjoys playing handball, and plays the trumpet with the local youth music band.