Holiday calendar

In principle, the Kinderwelt Kuessnacht is open 46 weeks per year and is closed during the other six weeks. During vacation weeks that are marked in blue, the Kinderwelt Kuessnacht is still open and the vacation program (project week) will take place.


2018 / 2019        Vacation program                                Monday 1st October - Friday 5th October 2018
  Autumn holidays Saturday 6th October - Sunday 14th October 2018
  Vacation program Monday 15th October - Friday 19th October 2018
  Winter holidays Saturday 22nd December 2018 - Sunday 6th January 2019
  Vacation program Monday 25th February - Friday 1st March 2019 
  Spring holiday Saturday 27th April - Sunday 5th May 2019
  Vacation program Monday 6th May - Friday 10th May 2019
  End of term Friday 5th July 2019 
  Vacation program Monday 8th July - Friday 19th July 2019 
  Summer holidays Saturday 20th July - Sunday 4th August 2019
  Vacation program Monday 5th August - Friday 16th August 2019
  School begins Monday 19th August 2019
Official holiday Assumption Day Wednesday 15th August 2018
All hallows Thursday 1st November 2018 
Saint Joseph's Day Tuesday 19th March 2019
Good Friday Friday 19th April 2019 
Easter Monday Monday 22nd April 2019
Ascension Day Thursday 30th May - Friday 31st May 2019
Whit Monday Monday 10th July 2019
Corpus Christi Thursday 20th June - Friday 21st June 2019






2019 / 2020       
Vacation program                               
Monday 30th September - Friday 4th October 2019
  Autumn holidays Saturday 5th October - Sunday 13th October 2019
  Winter holidays Saturday, 21st December 2019 - Monday 6th January 2020
  Vacation program Monday 24th February - Thursday 28th February 2020
  Spring holidays Saturday 25th April - Sunday 3rd May 2020
  Vacation program Monday 4th May - Friday 8th May 2020
  Vacation program Monday 6th July - Friday 31st July 2020
  Summer holidays Saturday 1st August - Sunday 16th August 2020
 Freie Tage Assumption Day Thursday 15th August 2019
All hallows Friday 1st November 2019
Saint Joseph's Day Thursday 19th March 2020
Good Friday Friday 10th April 2020
Easter Monday Monday 13th April 2020
Ascension Day Thursday 21st May and Friday 22nd May 2020
Whit Monday Monday 1st June 2020
  Corpus Christi Thursday, 11th June and Friday 12th June 2020