Especially for children of pre-school age, movement is indispensable for their physical and mental development, and increases their efficiency and ability to concentrate. Meeting their natural desires to move with regular physical activity satisfies their inherent eagerness to learn by doing.

Therefore, we take this into consideration and create a special environment. Through our daily movement education in the Kinderwelt Kuessnacht and the various activities, a healthy development of the children is ensured. The children from both the Midi and Maxi groups receive sport education each week, where they can improve their motor development, physical experience and movement possibilities. 

Regular time spent in nature is also part of our concept. On these days (which take place, for example, in the forest or on a farm), the children can be occupied with nature to engage their sense of wonder at the natural world, and thereby increase their understanding and capabilities.

On nature days, the goals are:

  • Developing the senses and the motor skills.
  • Getting to know the rhythm of the seasons and nature.
  • Developing imagination and creativity regarding natural materials.
  • Building values and an appreciation for nature and all living beings.